Employee engagement software for high performing teams

TemboStatus Surveys & Pulses automatically turn employee feedback into actionable to-do-lists for HR and People Managers.
TemboStatus | Employee engagement software for high performing teams


I have bad managers

You’re right to worry. People quit their boss, not the company.

High performers aren't happy

It’s 3 times as expensive to replace a high performer than to hire a new one.

My new recruits will quit

We can tell you today whether your newbies will stay or go and how to fix it.

Employee engagement surveys are just the first chapter.

Learn the value in a more continuous approach to employee feedback, plus some warning signs that you need to be mindful of when considering a "pulse only" approach.

The Product

Eliminate guesswork and false starts | TemboStatus

Eliminate Guesswork & False Starts

Employee feedback from surveys and pulse surveys is automatically translated into actionable to-do-lists for HR and for People Managers.

Ongoing Feedback

Hundreds of scientifically validated surveys and pulse surveys for a real-time feed of what makes your people tick.
Ongoing feedback | TemboStatus
Help managers be better managers | TemboStatus

Help Managers be better managers

A Manager’s Dashboard provides tactical, practical guidance to your People Managers for improving the morale and engagement of their teams.

Turn employee feedback into action

TemboStatus will help you focus on everything that comes after your employee engagement survey.
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