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"Engaging your employees starts exactly where you think it does"

Justina Dukelow
by Justina Dukelow on February 27, 2017

Engaging your employees starts exactly where you think it does | TemboStatusAs George LaRocque stated in his most recent Business2Community article, "an annual survey alone on just about anything in business has lost its effectiveness... yet, until fairly recently, employers have been measuring and analyzing employee engagement annually." 

As new HR tech emerges, employers are equipped to obtain more value on top of the baseline employee engagement survey with pulse surveys and actionable recommendations to help move the needle. However, the missing link has been between business leaders and managers. It's important that the leaders in your organization are equipping managers to have the right conversations with their teams, and delivering the right message, at the right time in order to actually make a mark on employee engagement.

LaRocque uncovers the 3 major trends that have emerged that show employers are moving in this direction in the latest #HRWins Report: "The Ideal Employee Engagement Toolkit. He says, "As business leaders, we need to implement capabilities that help us not just measure and analyze, but that enable and support managers, executives, and leaders to engage their teams."

Download the full #HRWins report below to discover these trends and the capabilites that you should be looking for in the ideal employee engagament toolkit. Don't let another quarter pass by without addressing engagement and retention in your organization.  


Justina Dukelow
Written by Justina Dukelow

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