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Mentioned in HRMOnline: Does Canada’s HR community need some extra support?

Justina Dukelow
by Justina Dukelow on September 28, 2016

#TorontoHR event series: Connecting HR professionals with othersin the industry to work through common HR issuesThere are many organizations with a lone wolf in the HR department who is scrambling daily to fill empty seats, establish and enforce policies, and develop programs for learning, performance management and leadership. That's precisely why TemboStatus has launched a Toronto-based event series called #TorontoHR Meetups, in order to better connect those HR professionals with their peers who are grappling with the same issues.

As featured in the HRMOnline article entitled "Does Canada's HR community need some extra support?", David Bator of TemboStatus explains “The aim of the #TorontoHR event series is to bring together groups of bright business thinkers to work through some pretty common HR issues.” Topics include whether it's more important to recruit or retainwhy culture is more than just fun at work, and how to prioritize when wearing many HR hats

These monthly sessions are free for attendees, and each one features a few of Toronto's bright HR leaders to share their expertise on the topic and invite the audience to participate in the discussion. With most of these sessions being held in the morning, “The goal is that they return to work later in the day well-fed with tactical, practical things they can immediately apply,” says Bator. "It’s also a great networking opportunity where people can meet, learn and make meaningful connections.”

Go to HRMOnline to read the full article and learn more about the benefits of this event series for #TorontoHR professionals.

Stay tuned for details coming soon about our fourth session on October 26th, focused on the importance of continuous feedback.

As a lone wolf in HR, it's important to ask yourself whether you're driving employee engagement. If not, we can help you get there with this roadmap.

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Justina Dukelow
Written by Justina Dukelow

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