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TemboStatus launches Manager's Dashboard to help HR drive improved employee engagement

David Bator
by David Bator on March 29, 2016

The release of Manager's Dashboard empowers HR and People Managers to be strategic business leaders by localizing employee engagement.

Toronto, ON – March 29, 2016 – TemboStatus announced today that it has enhanced its award winning employee engagement platform with the release of the Manager’s Dashboard.  TemboStatus is the first HR software solution to empower People Managers with ongoing team-level insight and step-by-step guidance to measurably improve employee engagement.

With this release, HR leaders can easily create and share tailored Department and Business Unit dashboards instantly after their employee engagement surveys close. The user friendly dashboards enable managers to easily focus on positive trends or areas of opportunities. Business leaders can quickly understand the data collected and recommended To Do Lists while tracking progress of employees with custom action programs. 

TemboStatus Manager's Dashboard

“Executives are looking for new ways to communicate with, and engage, an ever changing workforce. A number of innovative technology firms have stepped up to the challenge and are disrupting this category. TemboStatus brings a mix of elegant user interface and well thought out business and HR logic to the table,” said George LaRocque, President of LAROCQUE, LLC. “The challenge most systems have today is helping managers get from data to action whether that data is employee feedback or analytics. This is the connection TemboStatus is making for their customers with the release of Manager’s Dashboard.”

“Employee engagement is won or lost at the local level,” said David Bator, VP of Client Strategy. “Modern organizations look to HR for oversight and direction into each department, then delegate responsibility for improving engagement through its People Managers. The Manager's Dashboard release further empowers Human Resources to be strategic business leaders by localizing engagement tactics and helping their managers be even better managers.”

About TemboStatus

TemboStatus is an employee engagement survey software that automatically turns employee feedback into actionable to-do-lists for HR and People Managers. A winner of #HRWins 2015 Top HR Tech Companies To Watch, TemboStatus helps growing organizations retain their talent and build programs that drive performance. TemboStatus eliminates guesswork by crunching the numbers for you, highlighting where you should focus your resources and empowering you to act with the aid of customized action plans.


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David Bator
Written by David Bator

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