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The lone wolves of #TorontoHR share their keys to success

Justina Dukelow
by Justina Dukelow on September 22, 2016

Yesterday morning we welcomed HR professionals back for another insightful #TorontoHR Meetup.  The discussions focused on the challenges of being a lone wolf in HR and having to wear many different hats in a day.  

Everyone in the audience agreed that it's no small task to establish and grow an HR department on your own. That's precisely why we gathered a few dynamic HR leaders who have been there before (and some are still there today) to share their expertise and keys to success. We also opened up the conversations to the audience of talented HR thinkers who had great insight to add. Here are some highlights: 

  • IMG_9280-1.jpgSarah Fulton of Firmex shared tips on how to speak the CEO's language in order to get plans and budgets approved. One of the keys to her success and suggestions for the audience was to establish a strong relationship with the CEO up front to ensure you have a seat at the table where you ideas can be heard.
  • Lisa Chang of Uberflip provided helpul tips on how to shift gears from recruitment to retention in a fast-growing company and the importance of frequent company pulse checks. One opportunity they discovered in this process was that in a flat organization with many millenials, it was important to establish a middle management level.
  • Keltie Neville of shomi closed off the session by sharing her expertise on establishing the HR function and how to focus on what is good for employees. When checking in with employees, it's important to ask about their negative experiences or where they'd like to see improvements in the workplace. These changes could be easy to implement (like battling the stink in the kitchen), or they may take some time - either way, it's important to get in front of these issues before they spiral out of control. What you think is good for employees versus what your employees want to see may not be the same thing.

All three of our speakers agreed that as departments of one, efficient programs for recruiting and retention that can scale are paramount. They also agreed that data must play a prominent, daily role in understanding what to scale and that you remain on course.

This acts as a perfect segway to the next #TorontoHR meetup topic on October 26th on the importance of continuous feedback in the workplace. Stay tuned for more details coming soon!

Justina Dukelow
Written by Justina Dukelow

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