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#TorontoHR professionals agree employee feedback needs to be ongoing

Justina Dukelow
by Justina Dukelow on October 26, 2016
#TorontoHR on continuous employee feedback | TemboStatusIn the latest installment of our monthly meetup for #TorontoHR leaders, we welcomed practitioners and big thinkers to tackle "continuous employee feedback" head on. 
Whether you're trying to gauge culture or performance, the consensus in the room was that to make change last, these touch points must be frequent, specific, action-oriented and data-driven.
Here are the highlights of what you need know.
David Bator of TemboStatus shared a tool-kit for employee communications. This model includes examples of how and when to use Measurement, Feedback, Communication & Discussion and at the pinnacle, Involvement to authentically establish and act upon dialogue with employees.
WIRL co-founder Greg Pantelic shared perspectives on what's wrong with the performance review and insight into how his customers are successfully leveraging more continuous feedback to drive continuous improvement and business performance.
Priya Bates of Inner Strength Communications drew on experience from 25 years as a communicator to simplify an approach for continuous feedback that drives results. The four pillars of this authentic, action-oriented model were Informal Every Day, Formal Recognition, Performance Reviews and Storytelling.
Cheryl Kerrigan of BlueCat shared a very tactical approach to establishing a data-driven baseline for employee engagement that also leveraged frequent pulse checks to monitor progress. Whether you're the only person in HR or part of a small team, the model is designed to help move from no budget to low-budgets.

Also newsworthy is the opening or expansion of offices in Toronto by Slack, SnapChat and HootSuite. If you thought the race for talent was fast before, watch out. 
"While on your way to a family function you kept the public safe from a potentially dangerous down primary wire."
Learn more about how to keep your talent by clicking below.
I'd like to learn more.

Justina Dukelow
Written by Justina Dukelow

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