Our culture is in transition

How do you establish a baseline for what your employees value and involve them in defining the standards that drive performance for your business?
Our culture is in transition | TemboStatus
Mary Ho, Workopolis

"We rolled out an employee engagement survey with TemboStatus to get a better understanding of the thoughts and perceptions of our employees. Once we analyzed the results, we were able to form action committees to address any areas of opportunities."

Mary Ho, Senior HR Advisor at Workopolis

How tembostatus supports your changing culture

Baseline Survey | TemboStatus

baseline survey

Complete 25 questions in less than 6 minutes on any device in any world language.

custom surveys

Baseline surveys reveal where improvements can be made while pulses can be used to involve employees and monitor improvements.
Custom Pulse Surveys | TemboStatus


understand what matters to your employees

TemboStatus combines meaningful data with actions to positively impact your organization's culture.
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