I hate My current survey

Your survey shouldn’t be long, expensive or suck for your employees. And it shouldn’t be the last step; it should be the first.
I hate my current survey | TemboStatus Solutions
Victoria MacDonald, The Flight Network

"Your tool drove me to move fast. It drove me to take action. Within a month I launched my baseline survey, got my results, did two pulse surveys, used action plans, used your communications plan template and will have a plan for career development in the next 30 days. Not bad for two months."

Victoria MacDonald, CHRO at The Flight Network

you'll love the tembostatus suite

An amazing survey | TemboStatus

An Amazing survey

These are the questions you need to ask to begin a dialogue with your employees. Our templates are beautiful and reward employees for participating by showing how their opinions compare to those of their peers - in real-time!

simple data export

Look like a reporting rockstar by instantly creating comprehensive executive summary presentations for your leadership and filtered presentations for the head of any team. It takes 5 seconds, not 5 weeks.
Simple Data Export | TemboStatus
Pulse Library and Resources | TemboStatus

Pulse library & resources

Don't waste your time thinking about the next questions to ask your employees. Our library includes hundreds of survey questions to keep the conversation going with your employees. It's also loaded with templates, tools and resources to guide your next steps after the results are in.

Finally an engagement survey you'll love

Get real-time results, easy data export, beautiful reports and actionable recommendations with TemboStatus.
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