New To My Role

How does the new head of HR establish a baseline for employee engagement as the first in a series of conversations about culture and values?
New To My Role | TemboStatus Solutions

"Engaged employees are the foundation for financial performance and critical for preventing turnover. I used TemboStatus to establish a baseline so that we could support the strategic initiatives of the company."

Cathy Avallone-Osborne, VP of Human Resources at Leopardo Construction

How TemboStatus Supports New HR Leaders

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The baseline survey reveals an engagement score and the three areas with the highest impact on engagement.


Pulse Surveys are a way to lead an ongoing conversation with employees and to validate that the programs you’re investing in are having the impact you expect.
Pulse Surveys | TemboStatus
Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) | TemboStatus


An ongoing monitor of how many employees would recommend your company and how many are active detractors.


make your mark in your new role

Establish company baselines for employee culture, values and engagement to support your HR program.
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