TemboStatus empowers managers with ongoing insight about where churn may happen, how to avoid it and where to invest.
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MaryAnn Fulco-Tierney, matchboxfoodgroup
"Returning guests and repeat visits is the number one priority at matchboxfoodgroup. We know the impact that employee engagement has on the guest experience, so we used TemboStatus to get to the bottom of our turnover."

MaryAnn Fulco-Tierney, VP of Learning & Talent Development at matchboxfoodgroup

How TemboStatus Reduces Turnover

Surveys | TemboStatus


TemboStatus baseline surveys establish where to focus while pulse surveys are used to measure change.


This report instantly identifies demographics that are much more negative about a specific issue compared to company benchmarks.
Outliers Report | TemboStatus
Manager's Dashboard | TemboStatus

Manager’s Dashboard

The Manager's Dashboard allows HR to pinpoint which departments are at risk for churn and then provide the People Managers with step-by-step actions to put a stop to it.


turnover isn't a challenge if you understand it

TemboStatus identifies reasons for churn and creates actions plans to stop it.
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