Why involve employees as your culture transitions

As your culture transitions, do you know where the gaps are?

Step one is to bridge any gaps by communicating with your employees and involving them in the change.

Learn how The Blakley Corporation used TemboStatus to transition their leadership and re-envision their corporate values. Not only were they able to engage their employees in the change, but they were able to ensure that the direction they were heading in was the right one.

Where to focus first in your new role

How do you get the lay of the land in your new HR role?

Do you need to get a sense of who your people are and what to focus on first? Learn from Cathy Avallone-Osborne who took the reigns as the VP of HR for Leopardo Construction.  

She needed to establish an employee baseline for values and culture so that she could support the strategic initiatives of the company. TemboStatus empowered Cathy and her HR team to provide ongoing insight to her executives about what employees valued and where to invest. 

How to reduce your employee turnover
Is the grass greener somewhere else for your employees?

Now is the time to launch an employee engagement survey to really understand what makes your employees tick (and what is driving some of them to leave for greener pastures).

Learn how Matchbox Food Group used TemboStatus to improve the guest experience across their restaurants.