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Translate employee feedback into immediate action. Find a license that fits your organization below.


Starting at $4,000/year

Everything you need for a snapshot of where you need to focus your time and money to retain your talent.
  • Employee Engagement Surveys
  • Real-time Dashboard and Actionable Recommendations
  • Reporting & Data Export Tool
  • Outliers Report
  • eNPS Report
  • Benchmarking
  • Resources
  • Support
  • Mobile
  • Hosted Secure
 Starting at $7,500/year

Perfect for organizations that want a more continuous approach to measuring and managing engagement throughout the year.
Everything from Baseline package

  • Pulse Surveys
  • Unlimited Additional Questions
  • Unlimited Demographics
  • Survey Editor
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A robust toolset for measuring and managing engagement for HR and People Managers.

Everything from Professional package

  • Manager Dashboards
  • Action Dashboards
Product FAQ's

frequently asked questions

What does the training for administrators look like and what type of tech support to you offer?

Training is led by the Customer Success Manager.

How do you protect the anonymity of employees while enabling filtering options?

We have demographic thresholds that will not show results if, for example, there are fewer than 5 members of any demographic category.

Are you able to brand the surveys and customize the look and feel?

You are. We'd create what's called a custom template for you. This would be scoped and billed separately as a one-time service.

Are there display logic capabilities? If someone answers negatively can the survey then trigger an open ended response to tell us more?

Yes. We call this branching.

Do you have benchmarks?

Yes. Each quarter TemboStatus produces the Norms report, highlighting trends from customers and sharing what you can do about it.

How long does it take to get started?

We can move at our customers' pace. If you needed your survey to be live tomorrow, it could be. Most customers budget two weeks to customize, test, approve and promote their survey.

Do I upload my employee data? How is it maintained?

No. Employees declare their demographics in the survey experience. TemboStatus is confidential and anonymous.

Where do the TemboStatus core survey questions come from?

Our survey is designed by a PhD in Industrial Psychology. The survey consists of 25 core questions. One is an eNPS® question, 6 combine to create your engagement score and the remaining questions feed our 6 drivers of engagement: Relationships with Leaders, Managers and Co-Workers, Empowerment & Career, Recognition, and Communication.

Can I add my own custom questions?

Absolutely. You can add as many custom questions as you like or consult our library of hundreds of additional questions.

How do employees access the survey?

Once you’re ready to launch your survey you generate a link from TemboStatus and that’s what you email out to your employees.

When should I use pulse surveys?

The answer is it depends! Most customers do a baseline survey every year and then follow-up with Pulses, addressing the entire company or focusing on specific pockets in the months that follow.


TemboStatus will help you focus on everything that comes after your employee engagement survey.
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