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"We use TemboStatus Pulse surveys to understand the engagement journey of Jivers across the entire employee life cycle to include on-boarding up to month 12, our 4X4s (Jive performance management conversations 4x a year on 4 topics that matter), and exit interview data."

Amy Dobler, Senior Manager of Employee Success at Jive Software

How Tembostatus helps growing organizations

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Action plans

TemboStatus automatically turns your employee data into actionable to-do-lists for HR and People Managers, and instantly exports to Excel. Say goodbye to guesswork and false starts.

Predictive pulses

Pulse Surveys allow you to drill down on the key drivers of engagement, gather feedback from employees about the action you've taken and engage staff in a dialogue in every part of the employee experience. Our system is so smart we’ll tell you which questions to ask based on your results.
Predictive Pulses | TemboStatus


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